I have enjoyed belonging to the group (the Forum) and participating in it. Thanks for a wonderful site. by L.D. (GA)
Thanks for a Wonderful Site

Welcome to the Raynaud's Association

  • If your fingertips, toes or any other extremity become painful when exposed to cold temperatures, you might be suffering from Raynaud's phenomenon.
  • If holding an iced drink - or putting your hands in the freezer - causes your fingers to turn blue (or white), you could be one of an estimated 28 million people in the US who have Raynaud's phenomenon.
  • If air conditioning often triggers your fingers or toes to hurt, you might be experiencing a Raynaud's spasm.

The Raynaud's Association is here to help. We're a 501c3 non-profit organization providing support and education to the many sufferers of Raynaud's Phenomenon - an exaggerated sensitivity to cold temperatures.

What Is Raynaud's

Raynaud’s (ray-NODES) is named for the French physician Maurice Raynaud, who first recognized the condition in 1862. The disease causes an interruption of blood flow to the fingers, toes, nose, and/or ears when a spasm occurs in the blood vessels of these areas. Spasms are caused by exposure to cold or emotional stress. Typically, the affected area turns white, then blue, then bright red over the course of the attack. There may be associated tingling, swelling, or painful throbbing. The attacks may last from minutes to hours. In severe cases, the area may develop ulcerations and infections, which can lead to gangrene.

Raynaud’s can occur as a “primary” disease; that is, with no associated disorder. It can also occur as a “secondary” condition related to other diseases, such as scleroderma, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Approximately 5-10 percent of all Americans suffer from Raynaud’s, but only one out of five sufferers seeks treatment. Both men and women suffer from Raynaud’s, but women are nine times more likely to be affected. Some researchers estimate as many as 20% of all women in their childbearing years have Raynaud’s.

Although it’s been over 100 years since Raynaud’s was recognized, little is still known about the condition, its cause, or its cure. The Raynaud’s Association seeks to raise awareness and understanding of this perplexing phenomenon.

In The News…

Soletics Heated Glove in the News

Late last year we featured a new product in development by a technology start-up called Soletics.  The product is an ultra-thin, battery-powered wireless heated glove that is a two-part construct – one part is a thin textile glove; the other part is a powerband that connects to the glove with smart technology. The product has two features we’ve not seen to […]

Diet and Raynaud’s: Some New Input

Raynaud’s sufferers would like to believe that just by changing their diet, they could better control their Raynaud’s attacks – unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. This past year, I’ve been trying a number of combinations of Asian herbs provided by my acupuncture specialist:  some were in pill form, some in powders, others were raw […]

A Frostie’s Story of Discovery

We came across a post by Dana Symons on her blog At the Water’s Edge about the process she went through discovering she suffers from Raynaud’s. Like so many stories we hear and read about, Dana has experienced her fingers and toes turning white when exposed to cold as long as she can remember.  Does this […]

Help Us Plan Raynaud’s Awareness Month

We’re designating October as Raynaud’s Awareness Month, as it’s the start of the colder weather and a good time to alert sufferers (many of whom are not aware they have a medical condition) to arm themselves for the upcoming season. We’d like to hear from our members and followers with ideas for helping us get the word […]

Huffington Post Reporter’s Raynaud’s Story

We were pleased to see the Huffington Post cover a reporter’s personal story on living with Raynaud’s since her teenage years.  Like many of us, however, she wasn’t formally diagnosed until well into her 30’s. The article titled Are Your Hands Almost Always Cold? You Might Have Raynaud’s Syndrome  by Jill Brown includes experiences that […]

Raynaud’s Editorial in the New York Times

On August 3, 2015, the New York Times ran an article on the front page titled “Chilly at Work? Icy Office Was Devised for Men”.   Like many of these articles (see our earlier posts: Summertime, and the Livin’ is Freezing and Let the Thermostat Wars Begin), it covers the predictable frozen females bundled up in response to office […]

Nutrasal Magnesium L-arginine Cream

We became aware of Nutrasal’s Magnesium L-arginine skin cream through a call from the owner of the company, Bruce Perry. He and his family all have Raynaud’s, and their “home grown tests” indicated that this cream – through continued usage (not instant warmth) – has the potential over time to minimize the frequency and severity […]

Research Results: Can Raynaud’s Patients Predict Attacks?

The Raynaud’s Association, along with Raynaud’s and Scleroderma organizations in the UK and Europe, helped recruit patients for a research study conducted in 2011, and results have just been published (yes, analysis can take a vey long time!). The objective of the study was to determine how well Raynaud’s patients can predict the occurrance and severity of […]