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Topic Title: Far Infrared therapy gloves
Topic Summary: Has anyone tried these?
Created On: 03/11/2010 08:01 PM
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 03/11/2010 08:01 PM
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I am having a lot of trouble with finger uclers on my right hand this winter. I have had raynauds for years. I was just wondering if these help.

 12/21/2010 01:05 AM
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I'd be interested to hear about these as well. The ones I saw were at raynaudsgloves.com but there are many other similar products out there. They all seem to be around the same price ($50.00 USD) but none of them have any user reviews so I'm a bit hesitant to buy them.
They look like they'd be unobtrusive enough for indoor activities like typing, writing etc which is a big draw for me, but I'd still like to hear what others have to say about them before buying a pair.
 12/23/2010 02:34 AM
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I bought the Regular Fit Therapy Gloves hoping big. I received them in the mail and neither of the gloves fit my hands- they had a very strange cut. The glove material between my pointer and middle fingers was at least a centimeter away from my actual skin between my fingers, meanwhile it felt snug in the spaces between my other fingers. I've worn quite a few gloves, but that was never the case. The material seemed poor. Little stretch and not soft. The seams laid on the skin. The site claims that the gloves function so well because of the ceramic woven into the gloves. The total ceramic in the gloves is only 5%. They looked shotty. They didn't feel good. I never experienced them in cold weather, but really, I just felt like I had been scammed. I sent them back and will never buy anything from them again. Just gave me a bad feeling that a company was using the promise of helping me so that they could slap their logo on a pair of very basic gloves and sell them to me for $43.95. I'd be interested if someone were to say they worked... but I would highly doubt it.
 06/09/2011 05:52 PM
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i have orded 2 pairs of these gloves off the internet thinking give them a try and for me they have worked wonders i still have pain and swelling but nothing like i used to and all my family and friends noticed a differance in me and my hands within a month i would say give them a go i just hope they work for you as they have me good luck and hope this has helped you jackie x x x
 06/10/2011 04:21 AM
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If you're going to order them, you might want to try the factory seconds (raynaudsgloves.com) for half the price (still too much in my opinion). I would never order another pair.
 02/12/2012 03:32 PM
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My "spidey senses" tingle when I read the blurb on the website - I smell snake oil. It makes it sound like you're getting something (heat) from nothing, violating basic thermodynamic laws. For far infrared therapy, this works when you are in a clinic and they have a machine on you, because an external source is inputting energy into your skin. With just the gloves (any gloves!), the best it can do is reflect back the heat that your hand produces. We all emit infrared - the snow on the ground emits in the far infra red too, just a lot less. The trick is you want as much of it back as possible.

The technobabble about the composition of the fibres is designed to convince you of course. But when you think about it, any pair of wool gloves will provide the appearance of heat as well - those work by having lots of trapped air bubbles between your skin and the outside a great insulator (it's how pink fibreglass insulation works). So *any* material does this to a greater or lesser extent. As long as the outside is water and wind proof, and a decent layer of insulating air bubbles, the gloves will work well. Some materials are better for their weight than others. http://www.bkkenterprises.com/retain_technology.htm has a diagram of the process.

I bought a pair of Arctic Shield System gloves - but by themselves they are not good enough, though my Mum at age 78 thought they worked wonders (the observation that led to my diagnosis of Raynaud's). BUT, with a pair of Webber wrist wraps, my fingers have never felt so nice. The problem that remains is the wrist wraps are not "user-friendly" when putting on gloves or coats with wrist cuffs (and by reasonable design they ALL have them!). They keep sliding off the wrist area, very annoying.

I do lots of stargazing but have challenges keeping warm!
 08/29/2012 12:44 AM
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I bought Prolotex this year, and they work fairly well. I find they did their best work outdoors, especially for running. Conventional gloves don't help me at all, because they keep the fingers separated and thus they cool down quickly. But these infrared gloves seem to capture the sun's heat and keep it in, and keep my fingers evenly warm on both hands. The gloves do not stay as evenly warm when I run into a patach of shade. My regular running gloves are also black, but they do not do this very well at all, despite the fact that black gloves should absorb heat from the sun. So I think the fabric gives me benefit during running outdoors. They do not do as much for me indoors.

So, I would recommend these gloves, but mostly for sunshine in the outdoors! Definitely go with the factory seconds for low price, and the Prolotex gloves seem to run small. I would never have predicted I needed an XL size (Large size was a bit tight for me)!
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