October, 2011

The Ultimate Luxury: Heated Toilets

Ready for the ultimate luxury for a Raynaud’s sufferer?  How about a heated toilet?  The product is Kohler’s Numi.  This high-tech $6,400 toilet not only comes equipped with FM radio and stereo speakers for your MP3 player, it has a […]

A Raynaud’s Student’s Test Nightmare

We just read where a high school in Wichita Falls scheduled their three-hour PSAT’s in the town’s local colisium hockey arena.  All that stood between the shivering students and the ice was a thin flooring made of lightweight plastic.  The […]

Wristies Share-a-Pair Promotion

Wristies are fingerless gloves made of warm, comfy Polartec.  For the month of October, our Sponsor at Wristies is honoring Breast Cancer Month with a special promotion:  For every short petal pink Wristie order, buyers have a choice  to either […]

Our Facebook Page Anniversary Wish

Our Facebook page is nearly a year old and we’d like to reach 1,000 Fans by our anniversary date of October 26th to celebrate. We only need 47 23 more Frosties We did it! Winter is coming…Can you please help […]