November, 2011

Holiday Challenge: Help Beat Raynaud’s

If everyone who has Raynaud’s donated just one dollar, we could probably wipe it out. We’re looking to raise $1,000 before the end of the year. Every $1, $5, $10 helps us help you. Your help can help beat Raynaud’s.  […]

Holiday Shopping Benefits Raynaud’s

Please make every gift count this holiday season. is a gateway to over1,600 top stores including Amazon, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Apple, Target, Walgreen’s Gap, J. Crew, PetSmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Wal-mart.   When you start your shopping at each […]

Worst Nightmare Sells Dreamwear

Imagine being buried up to your neck in snow or jumping into a frozen lake – as a Raynaud’s sufferer, this could be a nighmare!  We’d rather dream of heated jackets and boots keeping us insulated from the worst cold […]