March, 2012

Pampering or Therapy?

I’ve always thought of massages as a special treat or a perk. I force myself to set milestones before allowing myself to take off for an hour or two of pampering at the salon. More recently I’ve justified these rare […]

Are Frosties Prone to Toasted Buns? Watch Out for Heated Car Seats!

Two recent reports in the journal Archives of Dermatology warn that prolonged exposure to the heat from those nice warm car seats can lead to a condition called toasted skin syndrome (the medical term is called erythema ab igne, or […]

Patients with Raynaud’s Syndrome Sought for SIU Clinical Trial

Patients suffering with finger pain caused by Raynaud’s Syndrome are needed to participate in a clinical trial at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’s Division of Plastic Surgery. The randomized, double-blind clinical trial examines the effect of using Botox® to […]