August, 2013

Hot Products for August 2013

We came across the following new products that may bring warmth and comfort to Raynaud’s sufferers.  We especially liked the great color options available for each of these new discoveries! Ugg® Alloway Glitter – Looks like another winner from UGG®.  […]

Where Can You Find 5,000 Frosties?

On our Facebook page!   We’re over 5,000 Frosties strong and growing.  It’s a great place to hear about problems and solutions from fellow Raynaud’s sufferers, and it gives us a convenient way to poll fellow sufferers on treatment ideas, products […]

Ammunition for Temperature Wars in the Bedroom

In our last newsletter, we published an article on the “Thermal Wars” between partners – one always hot, the other always cold (sound familiar?).  More recently we found that the mattress manufacturers have jumped in to monetize the opportunity in the […]