May, 2014

Molly’s Fund Speaks Out on Raynaud’s

We found an excellent article on Raynaud’s published by Molly’s Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and medical community about Lupus. It’s very comprehensive, including symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention strategies. For anyone looking for a good […]

Cialis® in Drug Stores Soon?

More recent research has shown promise in using ED drugs such as sildenafil (Viagra®), vardenafil (Levitra®), and talkalafil (Cialis®) in treating Raynaud’s symptoms, particularly when traditional treatments such as vasodilators and topical nitroglycerine-based creams provide insufficient relief or aren’t well […]

Sister Accused of Faking Raynaud’s Attacks

We’ve probably all experienced situations when others don’t understand the pain associated with triggering a Raynaud’s attack.  But we’d like to believe that our families will be supportive. Recently we saw a question to a physician on where a […]