Verseo ThermoGear Heated Gloves

Verseo ThermoGear Heated Gloves

Three features Frosties want in a heated glove:  Warmth down to the fingertips, maximum dexterity, and not to look like Suzie Ski Bunny.  We want it all!  Finally we’ve found one that comes closer to meeting the above needs than others we’ve tried to date :  Verseo ThermoGear Heated Gloves.  Not surprising considering this is the same manufacturer that developed ThermoSoles wireless, rechargeable heated insoles.

The first thing worth noticing is how thin and flexible the glove material is.  While most heated gloves are thick and barely pliable enough to wrap around a ski pole, Verseo’s material is spongy, soft and supple, but still manages to keep the wires tucked comfortably away from the skin.

The gloves are thin enough to be used as a liner inside an outer glove for added protection, but are warm enough for toasty heat on their own for most daily uses.  The secret to the gloves is their combination of a “micro-thin elastic material with high-tech carbon fiber bundles that spread even heat through each finger and thumb without impacting dexterity.”  We’re not sure how the technology works, but it sounds divine!  The stretchy fabric also helps ensure a good, comfortable fit.

The gloves are lightweight and so are the environmentally-friendly Lithium Ion batteries.  Three levels of heat can be switched up, down or off through an easy-to-reach button on the cuff – no need to expose your fingers to the cold while making adjustments!  The warmest setting is 93 °F (34 °C) – not the highest level we’ve seen on a heated glove, but plenty warm for everyday activities and will certainly take the chill off that cold car steering wheel in the morning.

The actual heating time will depend on the outside temperature, the heating level selected, and whether or not the gloves are worn alone or under another glove or mitten.  Generally, the batteries will last 2 hours on High, and up to 5 hours on the Low setting.

While trying the gloves on one chilly fall day indoors for a first impression, the heat on “High” got too warm, so I turned them down, and then started reading a document while sitting next to my laptop.  Some emails came in and I went to check them.  Then moved some files between folders and suddenly realized – I still had the gloves on.   How was that possible while wearing heated gloves?  The dexterity is amazing!

These may not be made of the warmest material we’ve seen, but the balance of heat down to the fingertips, plus the level of manual dexterity they support, is a combination we’ve yet to find in any other heated glove.  And they are light years slimmer and less noticeable than others we’ve tested.  If you can fit the skirt under a coat or a jacket, they’ll look like a regular pair of stretchy gloves.

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Verseo’s ThermoGear Heated Gloves come in two unisex sizes S/M or L/XL for $119, including a handy storage pouch – a more than competitive price for this product category.  Plus our members can save even more with the 15% discount the manufacturer is offering Raynaud’s members – a savings of over $17.85 per pair!  To place an order online, click the link below and provide the Special Promotional Code WarmHands15 when you checkout.

Be sure to check out the manufacturer’s full line of cold weather products – they are great solutions for us Frosties, and the offer code is good on all of Verseo’s products!

 Verseo ThermaGloves Heated Gloves

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  1. Unfortunately, Verseo’s website does not have a size chart for these gloves. I ordered medium and they were too small even though I don’t have particularly large hands. Also, note that the gloves are cut in a gauntlet style: the cuff is quite long and flairs out to the opening. There is a drawstring to tighten the gauntlet to better conform to your forearm.

    The battery for each gloves zips into a pocket inside the gauntlet cuff – they’re kind of heavy but not too bulky.

    The glove fabric is very thin and I worry it will wear out quickly – or that a snag will significantly damage the glove.

  2. Yes, the gloves are unisex sizes, so if you normally wear a medium in men’s gloves, you could need a size up for these. Women should consider a size down.

    The fabric is thin enough to use as a liner, but the outer gloves would need to be pretty roomy for this to work, as the fabric is thicker and more substantial than other liners we’ve tried, which is why it can stand up to being used as an outer glove.

    What stands out is the flexibility of the stretchy fabric, allowing lots of dexterity for a heated glove. It’s not the warmest for extended outdoor use, but for everyday tasks of getting around on a chilly day, it can be a great option for Frosties.

  3. Your review on gloves was so nice to find but I’m hoping you can do an update since this is 2 years old. Verseo ThermoGloves has received horrible reviews on their facebook page and on amazon in the past year (2016). Complaints that fingertips do not get warm, that they’re not able to return the gloves and receive no response from customer service. Just a heads up.

  4. Thanks for the comment Toni. However, we can only speak from our experience. In over two years of working with Verseo, we’ve only received notice of three product or service issues – one for late delivery, one on the timing of a refund, and one regarding product performance (which, if they’d read our review, it would have been clear these gloves would not have met their expectations). In each case, we were able to intervene and gain satisfaction for them. We encourage all of our members and followers to request our assistance in these circumstances. For any merchant, there will always be service issues and vocal customers, but we would sever our relationship with a Sponsor if we were not able to obtain satisfaction for our members.

  5. I bought these gloves two years ago for use in horseback riding during the winter. I am now starting up my third year with them. Because they are really designed for indoor use (very thin), I wear a loose ski glove or other waterproof and reinforced palm/finger glove over them. THEY ARE WONDERFUL! My hands now are warm before I get to the barn (in Minnesota), I can walk out to the paddocks to retrieve my horse, sufficient dexterity to clip, unclip her halter and find a carrot in my pocket, clean out her hooves, brush her, and ride with normal dexterity on the reins. Even though they have a bulky battery pack, the cuffs are big and sturdy, and all the other clothes/layers I am wearing as well do not interfere. I have gone through years of misery with frozen fingers, and these gloves have been a lifesaver.

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