EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers

EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers

These little hand warmers pack in a lot of heat! We were a bit skeptical about the EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers at first, because the metal exterior on the original model we tested was initially cold to the touch. But once you flip the switch, you almost instantly feel it working.

EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers are now available in four models:

    • The Enduro 7800 is the largest and the longest lasting with both high (115°F) and low (109°F) settings.  The heat lasts 6.5 hours on high and 7 hours on low.  Awarded Best Hand Warmer in 2019 by the New York Times Wirecutter web site!
    • The HEF 5200 is the smallest and more compact model with a single setting that packs a punch at 117°F and can last for 5 hours.
    • The Ellipse 5200 offers the best of both with high (118°F) and low (107°F) settings, plus an ergonomic oval shape (hence the name) that is a real comfy fit in the palm of your hand.  Heat will last for 5 hours on high and 6.5 hours on low.  Also a top pick for Best Hand Warmer by the Wirecutter (2018)!
    • The NEW EnergyFlux G3 has a sleek, high-tech look, similar in shape and warming time to the Ellipse, but easier to use (one-switch controls), and needs less time charging (4 vs. 5 hours). 

Warmth is generated on each side of the unit, so both the palm and fingers stay toasty. For the models with two temperature settings the higher one is really too warm to place directly next to your skin for any amount of time, but if you’re wearing gloves, heating a pocket, or if you slip the warmer into a pouch, the high setting is heavenly on a cold, windy day!  The heat duration quoted above is a guideline, but it will vary based on the setting, the absolute outside temperature, and whether or not the unit is insulated inside a bag or a pocket.

I tried the HEF 5200 one chilly afternoon when I couldn’t get my hands warm inside, and it was just what I needed for instant warmth, and it felt so good, I didn’t want to let go!  I left the Enduro out while it was heating to time how long it lasted and it was amazing – my husband (who never much comments on products I test) was really impressed at both the heat level and the duration, then he asked for one to keep out in the barn.  But the Ellipse was my favorite as its oval shape grips so comfortably in your hand you’ll never want to stop giving it a hand hug!  We haven’t yet tried the new G3, but it sounds like it has all the comfort of the Ellipse with more convenient features.

Each warmer is a multi-functional device that can also be used as a back-up battery for any mobile device that charges through a USB cable. The downside is that you can’t use the battery-charging feature while the warmer is running (always a catch!).  The Enduro and HEF models also include a handy flashlight feature.

This is a well-made product, with some heft to the grip.  The Enduro weighs just under 7 ounces, while the other models are just under 5 ounces.  I have pretty small hands, and can just barely wrap mine fully around the two larger models.

The button controls are located on or near the top (pending the model), so it’s easy to access with the index finger or thumb without moving your other fingers away from the warm surface. Models come in a variety of colors and trim combinations.

One thoughtful feature we learned only by speaking with the manufacturer: The unit comes ready to go – already charged. The instruction booklet will tell you to plug it in for 4 to 5 hours before use, but it’s likely not needed (only if that particular unit has been in storage for some time). Try plugging it into the charger for a quick check, but if the battery light is constant, you’re all set. Just push the button and get set to feel toasty!

Special Offer for Raynaud’s Members

Offer Code G3-RAYNAUDS20

TrueToSource (formerly Beanworthy), the retail division of the manufacturer, is offering our members a 10% discount on their G3 handy rechargeable, portable heaters.  They are already a great value at $27.99, but add in the discount and you’ll want to stock up on these toasty warmers!

To place an order online, click the link below (or specific model links above) and, if purchasing the G3 model, provide the Promotion Code G3-RAYNAUDS20 at checkout.  And explore TrueToSource’s other great heated items sure to warm the hearts of Frosties, including heated desk pads, foot warmers, and heated mouse products.

(Note:  If our Promotion Code isn’t working, it means the manufacturer is offering a better discount on their site for that product.  A good time to order quickly!)

EnergyFlux Rechargeable Hand Warmers

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  1. I ordered these a couple of weeks off of Amazon and I LOVE them! I originally ordered one, but then went back and ordered another. A little pricey, but well worth it. Plus, I save money not having to order disposable ones all the time.

  2. Just thought you would want to know …. I tried to follow the process to get 10% off, but was unsuccessful.

    Beanworthy processes all purchases through Amazon, not through their own site. As you correctly stated, Amazon does not honor this code. I even tried it using the letter “O” and the numeral “0” to make sure!

    Beanworthy’s “shopping cart” showed a shipping price of about $3, similar to the 10% discount; I can get it at the same price, with free shipping, at Amazon, so it’s a wash for me, but on principle the instructions for using the coupon code should either be corrected (i.e., I missed something) or removed altogether.

    Thanks for bringing this product to my attention – I had not heard of it and can’t wait to get my hands on it! (haha…. sorry)

  3. I just went through the order process from the manufacturer’s site. It took me to an Amazon fulfillment page with a box for the promotion code under the order summary section on the right side of the screen. The code was accepted and i received 10% off – plus, Prime shipping was available, so I don’t know what the problem was for you. Amazon does their fulfillment – that’s true for a lot of small manufacturerers, but if you click to order from the Beanworthy site, Amazon will honor the code. You’ll also note that the Amazon screen you receive when you check out this way has the Beanworthy logo on the checkout page – that’s how you know you’re not on the general Amazon checkout page and the code will be applied.

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