May, 2015

Results of University of Oklahoma Raynaud’s and Pregnancy Study

Last summer we announced a study being conducted at the University of Oklahoma to learn more about Raynaud’s sufferers’ experiences during pregnancy.  The researchers wanted to determine if patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon have a higher incidence of complications during pregnancy than […]

Hot Products for Spring 2015

This time of year there are fewer products to scout for Frosties, but here are a couple we thought worth noting: Heated Bidet – We included this one for its entertainment value, as we don’t expect lots of Raynaud’s sufferers to […]

University Recruiting for Raynaud’s Research Study

Kansas State University is recruiting Raynaud’s sufferers to participate in a survey correlating lifestyle and nutrition to Raynaud’s symptoms.  Below is a background statement from the researcher who initiated the study, along with a link to the survey: Hello fellow Raynaud’s […]