July, 2015

Research Results: Can Raynaud’s Patients Predict Attacks?

The Raynaud’s Association, along with Raynaud’s and Scleroderma organizations in the UK and Europe, helped recruit patients for a research study conducted in 2011, and results have just been published (yes, analysis can take a very long time!). The objective of the […]

Lunch in Your Gloves Aids Raynaud’s Awareness

By Ronni Shulman Vice Chair Raynaud’s Association Looking for a fundraising idea to raise awareness of Raynaud’s in your own community? “Lunch in Your Gloves” might be the ideal vehicle. The simple concept is relatively easy for anyone to execute. […]

Hot Products for Summer 2015

It’s not easy finding good products for Raynaud’s sufferers this time of year, but fortunately we had some discoveries from fellow Frosties: FrostGuard® Windshield and Wiper Cover – Earlier this year our blog featured a winter beach towel tip found in the press as […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Summer 2015

Samm (Ohio) was frustrated about her attacks, unsure of how and when the next one would be triggered.  So she started a journal documenting her attacks and began to identify patterns, like leaving the warmth of her bed or a warm shower for […]