August, 2015

Soletics Heated Glove in the News

Late last year we featured a new product in development by a technology start-up called Soletics.  The product is an ultra-thin, battery-powered wireless heated glove that is a two-part construct – one part is a thin textile glove; the other part […]

Diet and Raynaud’s: Some New Input

Raynaud’s sufferers would like to believe that just by changing their diet, they could better control their Raynaud’s attacks – unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. This past year, I’ve been trying a number of combinations of Asian herbs provided […]

Help Us Plan Raynaud’s Awareness Month

We’re designating October as Raynaud’s Awareness Month, as it’s the start of the colder weather and a good time to alert sufferers (many of whom are not aware they have a medical condition) to arm themselves for the upcoming season. We’d […]

Huffington Post Reporter’s Raynaud’s Story

We were pleased to see the Huffington Post cover a reporter’s personal story on living with Raynaud’s since her teenage years.  Like many of us, however, she wasn’t formally diagnosed until well into her 30’s. The article titled Are Your […]