October, 2015

Raynaud’s Association is a 2015 Top Rated Nonprofit Organization!

Thanks to all of our members, fans and followers who posted positive reviews on the Great Nonprofits web site, we made the list of Top Rated Nonprofit Organizations for 2015! Here’s what the award is all about: The GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Awards […]

Frostie Fashion is Finally in Fashion!

The first line of an article published this fall in the Wall Street Journal titled Gloves: More than Accessories, They Are Statements opens with “Gloves were ubiquitous on fall’s runways,” and it gives Raynaud’s sufferers lots of tips on how to keep their hands […]

The Raynaud’s Sufferers’ Road Trip!

Susan on Facebook posted a link to a road trip most Frosties would love:  It’s a year-long trek across the United States designed to experience temperatures of 70 degrees every single day!  It was published in an article called A […]

How Climate Change Research May Benefit Raynaud’s Sufferers

We’ve tested socks and gloves in the past that have silver content, and learned that silver has some redeeming properties for Raynaud’s sufferers:  First, it works to reflect body heat, and second, it helps regulate and even out the temperature in […]

Raynaud’s Sufferer Escapes from Alcatraz!

One of our members, Geoff Chellis, sent an email with a story we thought would be inspiring for fellow Frosties, and he agreed to let us publish it.  Warning:  Just reading this story can give you the chills! In the spirit of […]