April, 2016

A Collection of Tips for Runners with Raynaud’s

We found a web site called Another Mother Runner that collected a list of tips and preventative measures from fellow runners with Raynaud’s. The tips are organized by the stage of the run:  Pre-run, During, and Post-workout.  You may find some […]

Women Magazine Article on Raynaud’s

Our Vice Chair, Ronni Shulman, published an article on Raynaud’s in the Spring 2016 issue of Women magazine titled:  The Cold Truth: Raynaud’s Phenomenon. The print version of the magazine is available at Walmart stores and by subscription. You can […]

Infographic: Lifestyle Tips to Improve Circulation

We found this infographic on a Pinterest page of one of our followers and wanted to share it with fellow Frosties:   Presented By Therapy Stockings Compression Garments Here’s a link to the original post:  http://www.therapystockings.com/lifestyle-tips-to-improve-circulation-infographic/ Editor’s Note:  While the […]