August, 2016

Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t Deter Champion Gymnast

USA Gymnastics Champion Kristle Lowell has Raynaud’s phenomenon and her “back story” makes her distinction as impressive as virtually any athlete’s.

Hot Products for Summer 2016

It’s not easy finding products for us Frosties over the summer months, but we did discover a few that may be of interest to Raynaud’s sufferers, and good news – some are even on sale! Comforting Wrist Warmers – These soft chenille fingerless gloves […]

Raynaud’s Member Tips – Summer 2016

While no product will work for everyone, it’s good to know that some Frosties are finding solutions that are bringing them relief. Kristel (MO) is a runner and one of her tips shared on Facebook says she’s found that placing a disposable hand […]