May, 2017

An Orange a Day Keeps the Cold Away?

We came across a video that suggests citrus fruits can help keep your hands warm, seriously!  It’s published by, an organization that provides updates on nutrition research. In non-doctor speak, here’s the story: Albert Szent-Györgyi, the doctor who discovered Vitamin C, […]

Warm Congratulations to Our Recent Contest Winners!

Our Sponsors have generously been awarding samples of their products to fellow Frosties in support of recent contest efforts. Below is a list of our winners – give them a warm hand of applause! G-Tech Hand Warmer Contest Winners: Angelique Jones Kathleen […]

Hot Products for Spring 2017

This was a light season for new product discoveries, but we wanted to share one interesting product that appears promising for Frosties, and another that may not deliver on its promises based on customer reviews – both from the same […]