July, 2017

8 Science-backed Ways to Relieve Stress

By Joe Fleming President ViveHealth.com Stress plays an important role in triggering unwanted symptoms of Raynaud’s Phenomenon. Why? Well, when you feel stressed out and experience strong emotions, your blood vessels naturally constrict in your body. Because people with Raynaud’s […]

Athlete Kristle Lowell Soars Again Despite Raynaud’s Challenges

Readers may recall our two previous features about gymnastics champion Kristle Lowell, a record-holding trampoline athlete with the additional challenge of Raynaud’s:  World Champion Gymnast Finds Warm-Ups Among Her Biggest Challenges published on February 13, 2014, and Raynaud’s, Plus New Diagnosis, Doesn’t […]

Swimming Tips for People with Raynaud’s

By Joe Fleming President ViveHealth.com While the pool and ocean might seem like welcoming respites for some people during those hot and sunny summer months, for people with Raynaud’s Phenomenon, swimming can pose an interesting challenge. In addition to emotional […]

Prevention Magazine Solutions for Cold Hands and Feet

We found an infographic from Prevention Magazine with good tips for Raynaud’s sufferers. The title, “10 Solutions For Perpetually Cold Hands And Feet” says it all!  The content in the form of an infographic includes such advice as: Cold remedies […]