August, 2017

Infracare Glove Liners and Socks

Infracare Glove Liners and Socks are made by a company based in Canada that specializes in supplying products to the medical community.

Best Eclipse Photo by a Frostie!

Fellow Frostie and world champion gymnast Kristle Lowell celebrated the eclipse on August 21st with one of her amazing trampoline jumps – what an incredible photo!     For more about Kristle’s accomplishments, see our earlier posts: World Champion Gymnast […]

Seeking Mysterious Zombie Hands Videos

We’re doing a “Mysterious Zombie Hands” theme for Raynaud’s Awareness Month, talking about the way hands can turn ghoulish white during attacks and how the phenomenon has mystified the medical community for over 150 years. We’re hoping this Halloween-inspired approach will attract […]

Raynaud’s Back to School Tips for Kids (and their parents)

By Joe Fleming President Is your child with Raynaud’s Phenomenon heading back to school soon? When it comes to back to school season, your days may quickly fill with shopping, scheduling, organizing transportation, signing up for volunteer activities, coordinating […]

10 Myths About Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Little is known about Raynaud’s.  In fact you’re way ahead of most people if you’ve even heard of it.  Unfortunately some information published about Raynaud’s is inaccurate, and we want to set the record straight on 10 myths about Raynaud’s. […]