September, 2017

Instant Warmth From Vending Machines!

Ever find yourself freezing in an airport and wish you’d brought something warmer to snuggle up in on the plane?  Or realized you forgot to pack your warm jacket on a trip headed north?  No problem – just look for […]

Everyday Signs of Raynaud’s: Special Message for Friends, Family & Co-Workers

Since there’s no single test to diagnose Raynaud’s, doctors generally rely on either witnessing an attack or listening to a patient describe their symptoms. But if their description doesn’t correspond to the text book triad of color changes (white/blue/red) or […]

Glider Gloves Giveaway Contest

Our Sponsor at Glider Gloves is giving away five pairs of their touchscreen-friendly gloves.  To be one of the five lucky Frosties to receive these triple-insulated mitts, here’s what you need to do: Read our Product Review on Glider Gloves and learn about […]

Irish News Article on Raynaud’s

We found an article in Independent. ie, an Irish news publication, titled “Always chilly? From an underactive thyroid to Raynaud’s disease here are some possible explanations.” The article covers why some people experience cold with greater difficulty, and provides some […]