November, 2017

5 Essential Tips to Avoid Common Holiday Stress

By Joe Fleming President Holiday seasons are much anticipated. They allow you to have a momentary break from the usual 9-5 and spend a festive moment with family and friends. However, this anticipation can lead to expectations for a […]

Volt™ Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers

We tested Volt indoor/outdoor heated slippers when they first came on the market several years back and it was love at first sight and burst of warmth!

Infracare Giveaway Contest

Our Sponsor at Infracare is giving away up to 5 pairs each of their socks and touchscreen-friendly glove liners designed to keep Frosties warm.  To be one of the five lucky Frosties to receive these products, here’s what you need to do: Read […]

Hot Products for Fall 2017

It’s that time of the year when we come across new products that may bring warmth and comfort to Raynaud’s sufferers and share them with fellow Frosties. Echo Classic Glittens – Ann in Texas found a great solution to warm her frosty fingers.  Here’s […]

Raynaud’s Store News: New Items!

Raynaud’s Store news:  We’ve added two new items this season to help keep Frosties warm: Special Edition Glider Gloves and Fleece Scarf with Pockets!