December, 2017

10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks from

We found this video on a site called titled “10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks.” It offers several practical tips for dealing with winter hazards and the cold.  Some are more relevant to Raynaud’s sufferers than others, but all are […]

Fellow Frosties Tell Us They Value Our Efforts. Do You Agree?

Dear Friend, In past holiday messages, we’ve shared our progress in educational and awareness-building initiatives that have reached millions of people.  We’ve talked about the great need for building awareness of Raynaud’s, as so few (less than 10%) realize their […]

Raynaud’s Winter Survival Tips from a Fellow Frostie

We found a post from Username “Playoutsidegal” on a blog called titled “Cold Feet:  Surviving Winter With Raynaud’s.” Like many Raynaud’s sufferers, she’s had the condition from a young age, but was told by parents and teachers she just had […]

Special News for Minneapolis Frosties!

Hope you’re staying warm this season! To help you manage the chills this time of year in Minneapolis, we wanted to make you aware that Warm Skin, a cold protection cream manufactured by one of our Corporate Sponsors, is now […]