February, 2018

Frostie Nicole Holzer Takes on Fundraising Challenge

Nets Over $3,000 to Benefit Raynaud’s Association What can one person do to raise awareness and funds for Raynaud’s? A lot, it turns out! Boosting awareness and raising money to support the work of the Raynaud’s Association were on her […]

Raynaud’s and Öjbro Flower Design Contest

Öjbro (pronounced Eye Bro’) Swedish Gloves and Mittens are beautiful, colorful designs made of 100% merino wool, reinforced with four layers of insulation that will keep you warm and toasty!  Enter the Raynaud’s and Öjbro Flower Design Contest for your chance to […]

Infracare Winter 2018 Giveaway Contest

Our Sponsor at Infracare is generously giving away 10 pairs each of their socks and touchscreen-friendly glove liners designed to keep Frosties warm.  To be one of the 20 lucky Frosties to receive one of these products in the Infracare […]

Article on Raynaud’s Affecting the Nipples

We found an article covering Raynaud’s symptoms affecting the nipples in the Hippocratic Post, a global blogging site based in the UK specializing in medical issues. The author Caroline Goldstein was ahead of most sufferers, as her medical studies made her […]

Hot Products for Winter 2018

This season we’re featuring products from Hammacher Schlemmer that can potentially bring warmth and comfort to Raynaud’s sufferers.  This is a merchant that often features products of interest to Frosties during the cold weather season, and this winter we found […]