June, 2018

The Last Straw for Frosties – Literally!

It’s all over the news that plastic straws – one of the few protective devices Raynaud’s sufferers can use to avoid holding a cold glass directly – may soon be no more, and that’s the last straw for many Frosties! […]

Award Winning Raynaud’s Image

The University of Bath sponsors an annual competition called Images of Research, challenging researchers to capture the impact of their projects with just one image and a short description.  We’re happy to announce this year’s award winning Raynaud’s image in […]

College Humor Video: Why Summer is Women’s Winter

This video says it all!  Every Raynaud’s sufferer can identify with the cold office challenges and warming strategies covered in this sadly funny video.

Cold Office Survival Tips from Money Magazine

We found an article in the career section of Money Magazine that’s timely for Raynaud’s sufferers titled:  15 Clever Ways to Survive Summer in a Freezing Cold Office.   Cold office tips are welcome this time of year! Most of the […]