August, 2018

The Big Debate: Office Temperature

The same day we published the article “Workers Are More Productive in Warmer Offices” the New York Times published one titled “Can an Office Temperature Be ‘Sexist’? Women, and Science, Say So.”  The issue was sparked by the New York […]

Workers Are More Productive in Warmer Offices

Finally some hard research to take to the boss as defense against freezing summer temps:  Workers are more productive in warmer offices!

Could Estrogen Be a Key to Raynaud’s?

Research linking estrogen to blood flow indicates there may be a connection between estrogen and the development of Raynaud’s phenomenon.  If true, it would explain why the incidence of Raynaud’s among women is significantly (nine times) higher than found among […]

Natural Remedies for Raynaud’s Lack Scientific Support

VeryWell Health recently published an article titled “Natural Remedies for Raynaud’s Phenomenon.”  You would expect from the title that they were publishing a list of supplements and natural treatment options for Raynaud’s, but just the opposite.  The article states upfront […]

New Trend: Freeze your Way to Fitness!

Forget Cross Fit, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and VBarre.  The new workout craze freezes your way to fitness, and the boutique studio in New York City that founded the concept is appropriately called Brrrn. Makes a Raynaud’s sufferer shiver just […]