November, 2018

G-Tech November 2018 Hand Warmer Giveaway

This is the second G-Tech Apparel Fall contest offering one of our Sponsor’s heated products: The November 2018 Hand Warmer Giveaway. To be the lucky Frostie this November to receive this toasty hand warmer, here’s what you need to do: […]

Medical News Today Article on Raynaud’s

Medical News Today published an article titled “What you need to know about Raynaud’s disease.”  The article on Raynaud’s is pretty comprehensive, covering: Fast Facts Treatment Options (including drugs, surgery and injections) Lifestyle Tips Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Process Potential Complications […]

Infracare Fall 2018 Giveaway Contest

Announcing the Infracare Fall 2018 Giveaway Contest!  Our Sponsor at Infracare is generously giving away 5 pairs of their socks and 10 pairs of their touchscreen-friendly glove liners designed to keep Frosties warm. To be one of the 15 lucky Frosties (U.S. and Canada […]

New Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel!

We’ve added new Raynaud’s Bracelets and Shivers Apparel in our Raynaud’s Association Store, offering awareness-building items and educational resources.

Hot Products for Fall 2018

It’s that time of year when Raynaud’s sufferers need to think about bundling up for the cold season.  Here are some of our warm product discoveries for fall: New Balance Radiant Heat Bonded Jacket – This jacket incorporates a metallic woven […]