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Fall 2019 Member Tips

A lifelong Raynaud’s sufferer shared a simple, non-invasive way to lessen the effects of Raynaud’s and agreed to share it in our Fall 2019 Member Tips post.

Member Tips – Summer 2019

A fellow Frostie on Facebook shared the following member tips on using essential oils with one of our Board members:

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Cold Intolerance in the News

This time of year there aren’t a lot of articles about cold intolerance in the news, so we were glad to see the Alvarado News feature Raynaud’s in a recent issue.

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Hot Products for Winter 2020

Winter is peak season for us to find new products offering warmth and comfort for people with Raynaud’s. Check out our hot products for Winter 2020

New Raynaud’s Bracelets

Introducing our new Raynaud’s bracelets! There’s been such a big response to our initial word bracelets, we’ve created some new styles.

Infracare Winter 2020 Giveaway Contest

Our Sponsor at Infracare is generously giving away 20 socks and glove liners designed to keep Frosties warm in the Infracare Winter 2020 Giveaway Contest.

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Why Diane Keaton Loves Turtlenecks

While we still don’t have confirmation on her Raynaud’s status, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed: Diane Keaton loves turtlenecks,

Thousands Respond to New Raynaud’s Quiz

For this year’s Raynaud’s Awareness Month in October, we included a Raynaud’s Quiz to engage people in recognizing Raynaud’s symptoms and further promote our theme to take Raynaud’s seriously.

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Member Tips – Summer 2019

A fellow Frostie on Facebook shared the following member tips on using essential oils with one of our Board members:

Ever Given the Cold Shoulder Treatment?

We’re launching a new campaign titled “Don’t Turn a Cold Shoulder to Painful Fingers.” urging people not to dismiss the pain Raynaud’s sufferers endure.

Here Comes the SunLoops™!

We wanted to applaud Sandy from Colorado’s creative solution and share her invention of Sunloops for Raynaud’s sufferers.

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Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Instant heat is a wonderful thing for those living with Raynaud’s, and Ocoopa’s Rechargeable Hand Warmers really heat up fast with the punch of a button! The first thing you’ll notice is how soft, lightweight and comfy the product feels […]

SunLoops® Hand Warmer Holders

SunLoops™ hand warmer holders were invented by Sandy Seibert, a Raynaud’s sufferer who was searching for a solution to warm her cold hands during attacks.


One of the earliest products we found in the smart wearable category was Digitsole, and they’ve just become available in the U.S. market.

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SpikeBoarding for Raynaud’s

Enrique Cubillo, innovator of a new endurance sport took to the road to help promote Raynaud’s Awareness Month- he’s spikeboarding for Raynaud’s!