Thanks for this (guide) – it’s probably the most comprehensive info I’ve read on Raynaud’s.

By N.M. (UK)

Most Comprehensive Info On Raynaud's

I learned a lot..the Raynaud’s Association information relieved my fear that something terrible was wrong with me!

By A.H. (NV)

I Learned a Lot from the Raynaud's Association

I was so happy when I found your organization.  Really appreciate all of your work!

By A.A. (CA)

So Happy When I Found You!

I found this association and group 3 days ago and have already been helped so much…thank you for existing! I’m grateful to learn from you all.

By J.F. (IL)

Thank You for Existing!

Great to find you! Have very much appreciated reading your blog entry on Keeping Toes Warm!

By P.M. (AR)

Great to Find You!

I really love that you have product recommendations. I’ve tried some items with no luck so it will be great to learn of reviewed items. I also appreciate the membership discounts. I like to support businesses that support the cause. 

By D.C. (MA)


Love the Product Recommendations

Thank you for this page— and the awareness it brings!

By Chris (Instagram Follower)

Thanks for Building Awareness!

Thanks to The Raynaud’s Association for making people aware of this disease and for all those that have shared their story making those of us who suffer from the disease to know we are not alone.

by L. L. (NH)

Thanks for Making People Aware of This Disease

I think it’s great that the Raynaud’s Association offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, support one another and, above all, not to feel alone.

by K.S. (Germany)

Great to Support One Another and Not Feel Alone

Just discovered your site, I found it very informative, thank you.

by M.P. (Canada)

Very Informative