People like me are more informed and perhaps even healthier and happier thanks to your efforts.

by N.G. (CA)

More Informed, Healthier and Happier

Has good up-to-date information about Raynaud’s, introduces new products on the market to help us Frosties, has a lot of good, responsible resources to make our lives just a bit easier.

by A.W. (CA)

Resources to Make Our Lives Just a Bit Easier

A few years into retirement Raynaud’s began to appear and has gotten worse.  Found your site a great help.

by J.R. (UK)

Found Your Site A Great Help

Thanks for putting together such an informative website. I wanted to get something warming for my husband who suffers from cold hands and feet. I got the Ocoopa Hand Warmers and Sun Loops, which he thinks are fabulous...Thanks again for all you do.

by J.H. (CA)

Thanks for Such an Informative Website

When I was first diagnosed with Raynaud’s and looking for information, I found the Raynaud’s Association’s website where a I discovered lots of information all in one place. This is a great organization that provides information, tips on products to help make suffers lead a more comfortable life, and are always there to answer questions. They are definitely the best source of information.

by J.W. (Canada)

Great Organization - Best Source of Information

Great information! Very informative. First valuable resource I’ve seen in 30 years.

by D.W.

First Valuable Resource I've Seen in 30 Years

I have Raynaud’s Syndrome and I find the reports of great interest.  I have forwarded info on to others who have this illness.

by K.C. (AZ)

I Find the Reports of Great Interest

It helps me realize that I’m not alone and also can get good advice.

by A.E. (Facebook)

Realize That I'm Not Alone

It provides support & important information.

by B.B. (LA)

Provides Important Information

I’m very grateful I found this group, it helps me feel less alone with this 🙂.

by L.A. (Facebook)

Very Grateful I Found This Group