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Dear Kellkollman,

Thank you for your post and I am sorry you are having a bad winter. I’m very impressed that you have found over 20 ways to diminish your symptoms. Would you be willing to share more of those ideas here?

Regarding your physician’s lack of help have you considered seeing a Rheumatologist? They will certainly take your symptoms more seriously.

As you probably know, there is no cure. However,I can share a few things that have helped me over the years.

1. Medication. It’s not for everyone but I have been taking Nifedipine for years with good results. It does not eliminate the symptoms, however, it lessons them so that I do not have to worry about frostbite or severe skin infections.

2. Dressing warmly for all seasons. I always carry a sweater and light gloves in warm months (air conditioning). I wear layers in cold months including hats, scarves and gloves. I have many different weights of gloves in order to be prepared for all kinds of weather.
3. Handwarmers, these are relatively inexpensive and can be used inside your gloves if you can’t avoid the cold.

Hope this helps, please keep us posted.