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Lynn WundermanFrostie

Hi Teresa, just saw your post. For all-day warm gloves, Glider Gloves may be a bit thick. We just tested a glove by a company called Infracare that is thin, touchscreen sensitive, and offers lots of dexterity. I’m able to perform most tasks wearing them around the house and office. They will soon be offering our members a discount on a special URL just for us, but for now you can see the product and buy them at Infracare specializes in supplying products to the medical community that are specifically designed for people with a common problem very familiar to Raynaud’s sufferers – cold hands and feet.

They also make socks, and mother who also has Raynaud’s loves them. I found they did a nice job on my toes, but the top of my foot still chilled a bit. If you do try any of their products, please let us know how you like them!