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I live in Germany and I found this  :

“… ovr sports equipment……means….. development, manufacturing, import/export and worldwide distribution of heated clothing. Heated gloves, glove liners, tabards, vests and jackets, joint and kidney belts/hugs, collars and many, many more items, particularly in the heated sector (personal climate solution sector), the equivalent to cooling garments with cold packs which will be available in the near future. Heat, mainly giving pain relief for people suffering from Raynaud’s disease and scleroderma and improving the quality of life of wheelchair users in winter and the cold season and much more with further emphasis on outdoor sports, winter sports, diving and (high) mountain climbers in the icelab-/heatlab-sector focusing on power and high performance sports up to extreme sports enthusiasts! Moreover, distributing brilliant and unusual products that are not available to buy in any high street shops!…”

People who tested the hand gloves are totaly pleased telling they work fantastic.