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Jplabby98Julia P.

After years of struggling to keep my hands warm and still enjoy outdoor activities, I finally found the answer!  I recently purchased the Chaval Response XRT gloves that my husband found online for me.  After an EXTREMELY painful warmup session after I went running (with non-heated gloves) in 20 deg (F) weather, he searched for something that would allow me to enjoy what I love doing (running outside) yet not go through terrible pain when I returned.  I can’t sing high enough praises about the Chaval glove.

The weekend after I received them we were “lucky” enough to have an extremely cold day on my regularly scheduled long run day.  The temps were in the teens with a wind chill that brought the outside temp down to single digits.  We took my hand temp (with a temple thermometer) and they were about 86 deg (F) – I am always a little chilly in our house.  I then put on my gloves and left for my 1 hr 15 min run.  The easy to use buttons makes turning the gloves on a snap, and the sensors inside self regulate depending on how cold your fingers are.  The gloves started out noticeable warm to get my fingers up to a normal temp and them maintained that temp throughout my run.  It was the first time that I lost feeling in my feet but not my fingers!  When I returned from my run about an hour and 15 minutes later, we took my finger temp and discovered that they were a perfect 97 deg (F)!!

The freedom that these gloves have given me is truly life changing.  They charge quickly, I can wear them for anything – even just driving to work, and they aren’t so bulky that I can’t maneuver the fingers.  I wish that I had these when I lived in Colorado and suffered through skiing adventures.  I can play outside in the snow with my kids for more than 5 minutes (we were out for an hour in 20 deg weather the other day.)  The only “criticism” I have is that sometimes my thumbs get cold as the heating element doesn’t seem to perform as well in the thumbs, but I don’t loose feeling in them – they just get chilly – can’t complain!

For those that enjoy outdoor activities and have been limited because all the gloves out there just aren’t adequate – go check these out…you won’t be sorry!