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Hi Natasha,

Thank you for your reply and for sharing your story with me. Bizarre sometimes that something like Raynaud’s can control and affect a person’s life. Thinking back, Maddie was affected by it at an early age, we just didn’t have a name for what she was feeling at the time until her hands turned blue. Some days, like yesterday it rules her whole day and her mood swings are worse, when added with pain and teenage hormones. Maddie is slowly working out what affects her and how to manage the pain while at school. She is a typical teenage girl, dressing warmly sometimes is ‘so not cool’ but she is working it out that pain free is better than ‘being cool’ sometimes. Although Maddie doesn’t like the feeling of too many clothes as she feels her body is overheating and burning from the inside.

I hope you find relief and support with what is going on with your body. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not only suffer from Raynaud’s but also have other health problems as well. I am 46 and get the normal aches and pains that are contributed to my age, so can only sympathise with those who struggle everyday. Here’s hoping I can help Maddie find relief where and when she can. She was pleased to know that she is not alone with her pain and the feeling that she has it all in her head. At the moment, I am being told that I don’t understand her pain and she is right I don’t. Initially, I thought she was putting the pain part on for attention, especially when her father was diagnosed with cancer and her older sister moved to Queensland to attend Uni. Maddie thought she was being overlooked for a while but now I know the pain was and is real. I see it in her eyes and know she struggles at school, as she is not an attention seeking young girl.

Here’s hoping the winter here is a fast one, though I don’t like our chances as the cold is well and truly set in to stay a while…

Once again I thank you for your support, thoughts and information to help my baby girl. Maddie also says thankyou.

Take care