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Lynn WundermanFrostie

Bitter-cold winters make life miserable for many Raynaud’s sufferers, but warmer climates also prevent challenges. Attacks can occur in air-conditioned spaces or when it’s a breezy day. Take into consideration the degree of control you’ll have over your environment during the day (i.e., in an office or retail store for work). I’ve known Frosties who moved south, only to be miserable in the air conditioning all day at work and in public places at night.

I can’t say that any one geographic area rates as “paradise” to all of us – as we each have different thresholds and needs.  In the end, look at the full relocation opportunity from a lifestyle/family perspective and think through the environmental elements that you’ll be dealing with at home, at work, and other venues.  Also recognize that relocation involves a lot of stress which can also trigger attacks, so be prepared.