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Yes, I get chilblains on my fingers, but much more severe on both sets of toes, during the winter months. When I first experienced them, about a year and a half ago, I called my rheum to be seen and he didn’t give them too much attention- just said yeah, that’s what you have and to keep hands and feet dry and warm. He did give me Prozac (generic form) to try saying it has been found to have some vaso-dilating properties, but after being on it for a month, it had no affect on my raynaud’s or the chilblains and I was advised to discontinue this medication which I have. Calcium channel blockers dropped my BP too much so that’s not an avenue either.

However, for the past month, the chilblains on my toes are soooo painful especially two which have opened exposing tissue underneath and the affected skin area is very hard. I will be calling him on Monday and will try to get in for some kind of treatment, possibly an ointment. They have the appearance of some frostbite pictures that I’ve seen, but I’m unsure what I’m dealing with at the present. They weren’t this severe last winter.

Besides using lanacane, triple antibiotic and band-aids, I have no other form of treatment to try. The lanacane does numb them momentarily, which helps, but I have to keep reapplying it for long term effect.