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Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with Raynauds about 5 years ago. I have it in my toes. It took forever to be diagnosed. It all started with 2 ulcers on my little toes. I went to my family doctor who took cultures from both toes and then lost the lab results. I was referred to a podiatrist who seemed to go around and around with treatments. After going to several podiatrists, I finally just gave up when the last one told me he wanted to amputate one of my toes. The toes eventually healed but now I have another painful ulcer on one of my toes again. I cannot wear a sock or normal shoe on that foot. I am 51 years old and had never heard of Raynauds before. I am fortunate that it is only in my toes and not my fingers. I am glad to have this site to discuss symptoms, remedies, etc with my fellow Raynauds sufferers.