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Hi my name is Jenn I’m 18 from Canada. I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s when I was 14 I was also diagnosed with Lupus at about 13. Going through high school with Raynaud’s was hard. My school had no heat in the winter so I had to keep my a hands in my jacket sleeves almost all day. The teachers use to get mad when I stopped working to warm my hands up. Band class was also hard I played the clarinet and is has medal keys so my hands would get really cold, go num and start to shake. I use to have to run to the bathroom and run hot water over them and that was painful. I can’t go out side in the in the fall, winter or spring without wearing earmuffs otherwise I get massive headaches. I’m really happy to of found a site where I can share my stories and get support from others going through this too. 🙂