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Welcome to the forum, Koran, and I’m so sorry to hear of your mother’s ordeal and how stressful it is for you.

If you have a look under the “Frequently Asked Questions”, it may help you in gaining an understanding about Raynaud’s, which can help relieve some of your stress – just a thought.

With Raynaud’s, the veins aren’t usually blocked as much as they are constricted (narrowed) which prevents the normal flow of blood to the feet, hands, ears, nose, ect., from fully reaching these areas. And, this is usually caused by cold temperatures as well as stress. Once the offending issue is resolved, the veins return to their normal size opening, blood flow is restored and the skin returns to its normal flesh-tone color.

Talking to friends and relatives can be a great help in relieving your stress. You are fully welcomed to post any questions you may have on Raynaud’s, here, on our site, and we will do our best to assist you. Please understand that we are not medical professionals and cannot make a diagnosis. We are mostly patients, or friends and relatives of those affected, that share information relating to our disorder and have a place to speak to others regarding it. This is our stress reducer at times!