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Hi Redsox,  I have an idea for your finger that might work.  It is a product I use this on my toes all year, sometimes for hiking and sometimes for tenderness and blistering from Raynaud’s.  I developed dry gangrene last year on one toe, and two of my toes have started blistering and are so tender this year, since the cold season began.  My band aids won’t stick for too long either, so I buy Toe Bandages, which you can find in the foot care section of WalMart or a pharmacy.  The name brand I buy is literally “Toe Bandages” which is what they are.  They are very soft and spongy, and you can cut them to size and slip them on your fingers or toes.  If they are a little tight, you can stretch them a little with two of your fingers. They are cylinder shaped and about three inches long.  I usually cut a little longer than my toe, because they tend to gather a bit at the ends.  They not only keep me from getting blisters when I hike in warmer weather, but they are great for slipping over my toes when the Raynaud’s causes them to become very tender.  Hope that helps.