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Welcome to the forum, Kate. As you’re aware, cigarette smoking contributes to the constriction of blood vessels and having Raynaud’s, this can be an ongoing problem. The by-products and constituents of cigarettes can stay in the body’s tissues for several months as they are slowly eliminated. Once gone, then Raynaud’s attacks may lessen in intensity. If you haven’t been seen by, or aren’t under the care of a rheumatologist, then you might consider making an appointment as these are the doctors that specialize in Raynuad’s and other connective tissue disorders.

Have you been diagnosed with having Raynaud’s or just frostbite? Sometimes when an area is frostbitten, or exposed to very cold temperatures long enough for the area to have sustained “frostnip” and not frostbite (which is more severe), upon re-exposure to cold temps this area can exhibit the symptoms you are describing. Still, it’s tissue that has been damaged and/or is very sensitive to cold and will react. Drinking cold beverages, normally, doesn’t cause just one area of the body to experience a Raynaud’s attack as it would be more wide spread.

There’s also a condition referred to as chilblains (pernio) that can form and give the appearance of frostbite damage. These can occur on the fingers, toes and nose and may either itch or hurt very much. There are a lot of images on the web that show various stages of chilblains if you’re interested in doing a search and see if this might fit – just another thought.

We have more information about the symptoms of Raynaud’s under our Frequently Asked Questions above in the top bar and I hope these help you out.