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I’m new to this forum but pretty sure I have Raynauds too. My symptoms are numbness and white fingertips, in the cold, usually when driving. I have a pair of thick, insulated gloves that I thought would be good, until I realized they were constricting the circulation in my fingers.  I haven’t found any glove liners that are small enough. I’ve tried the hand warmers, but hard to use while driving.  I wanted to try the FAR/FIR therapy gloves, but didn’t know if they would work. I’m glad someone here has had success with these gloves.

I don’t think the half finger gloves would be good for me since my problem with the numbness is in my fingertips, yet my hands tend to be cold quite often too.

The FIR Heals website recommends wearing the gloves at night. Has anyone tried this?