Can raynauds also affect the legs when its on all 10 toes

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    Hi all hope everyone is well i have raynauds in all my toes which are constantly ice cold all day long only ever warm up in front of the fire,in a bath or in bed but soon as I get up its back to the ice cold feeling all day,im not on any medication yet for it although I am due to talk it through with my gp next week ive had this now for over a year and gets me so down and worrid but ive had many tests and checks.I want to ask anyone who has this in their feet if they have noticed if their legs are affected at all as recently I notice that if I stand for longer the 10 minutes in the same place my knees start to turn reddish and slightly purple and then from my knees down my legs I start to get white spot like under skin patches I’m guessing its all part of circulation and would make sense as the raynauds is affecting my toes but has anyone else noticed this happens to them and any advice to help it as it is really not nice.

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