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    My Raynaud’s is an annoyance, but the result of my attacks are even worse.  I usually go through the winter months with sores on my hands and sometimes on my toes.  I don’t always know they are there until I accidentally bump them, and then the pain is intense.  When they get hot, they throb, and itch and hurt.  In the winter months, I am unable to wear my rings due to the lumps on my hands.  I have learned that they seem to be caused by warming my hands too quickly after a Raynaud’s episode (like under warm water, or in front of my car heater vent).  I am trying to avoid that to see if it will help.  Does anyone else suffer from sores (not open, just red, tender lumps)?


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    I get chilblains and have to be very careful they don’t turn into digital ulcers. I am on a calcium channel blocker, nifedipine, which helps but the winter months are the worst times since I live in northern Indiana.

    I use vaseline or Aquaphor with stretchy gloves at night which helps. During the day I keep them well moisturized with hand lotion. Cetaphil lotion is a good one and not too  greasy.


    I got chilblains last winter for the first time and it took forever to figure out that that’s what they were. Some UK-based organizations suggested Balmosa cream for chilblains. It seems the cream is readily available there; I had to order via Amazon from the UK so it took awhile. I didn’t notice anything dramatic but that could be because it was spring by the time I 1) figured out that they were chilblains, 2) learned of the cream, and 3) received the cream via mail. (




    I get them every year. Both fingers and toes. Usually the same ones over and over. Only once did one of mine open up, and that was because I bumped it accidentally where the chilblains was already very inflamed, then the bump turned into a split in the skin. It eventually healed, took a while.

    I live in Montana. I have spent a lifetime developing ways to avoid chilblains, but I still get them every year.

    My newest favorite product is not so much to prevent the chilblains but to treat it. I got a rechargeable USB hand warmer, by Human Creations – EnergyFlux Slim 4400. I carry it around with me whenever I leave the house, keep it in my mitten when I’m outside or just hold onto it when I am in a store/someones house. The constant heat on my chilblains seems to make them heal faster…the painful/itchy part doesn’t last as long. I’m sure it also prevents some chilblains but I can’t say that for sure as I have only had it for a month. I only got one, as the right side of my body seems to get the brunt of the tissue damage.

    The product is for your hands only, it will not fit into a boot. For that I just use disposable heat packs, the ones that stick to your sock, when I am out skiing or hiking.

    I tried that cream mentioned above, threw it away, didn’t feel like it did anything. My best advice is try to stay warm in the first place, wear mittens all the time, get some highly rated boots (I wear Baffin on cold days, rated to -160 degrees, made for arctic expeditions, and on above zero days I wear a cheaper, lighter Columbia boot rated to -40), wear wool socks. I have down booties that I wear in the house and in other peoples houses.

    Any questions, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help more if I can.


    I’ve had Raynauds since I was a teenager, but I got chillblains for the first time last winter. This winter, they are worse than last year. I’ve had chillblains on at least one toe for the past three weeks. As soon as they clear up, I get more in a different place. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prevent them or treat them? They go away on their own in about a week or so, but they’re very painful in the meantime.

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