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    Hello – is it typical for feet to turn blue after having had anesthesia if you have Raynaud’s? My daughter’s rheumatologist wanted a photo of the next time her fingers turned white but we haven’t had cold weather lately so no photo. I’m wondering if I should have taken a photo of her feet – if that could be Raynaud’s related.

    My 17 yr old daughter who we think has Raynaud’s (doc not so sure – she wants us to get a photo when it happens again) recently got her wisdom teeth out and was under anesthesia for about 20 min.

    When we got home a couple of hours later (long car ride) I helped her off with her shoes and her feet were very noticeably bluish/purple. She also has dysautonomia (POTS) and fibromyalgia. Possibly autoimmune (ANA blood titer was very high) but all the other blood tests turned up negative.

    She says that after a hot shower her feet also turn white or blue.

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