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    Hi all,
    Im Joss, 29
    I was diagnosed with Ray 7 years ago, it all started with 1 finger on my left hand…
    Been trying lots of things but ntng seems to be helping, it is even getting worse…
    I was wondering, do you guys have that 1 day when you are fed up with it? You know, when you just want to get out of your skin because you haven’t eaten sugar whole year or had a glass of drink, you exercise, eat healthy,drink 600 mg of magnesium but still it gets worse every day… i just got back from my evening jog, it is August summer, warm and my ears,nose…my whole head got frozen to the point that it hurts so much…. yeah…I’m fed up with it and the winter is coming


    Hi Joss,

    I just joined the association yesterday. I saw your greetings and that you are Croatian. Coincidence… Do you live in Croatia. I suspect you don’t, considering that you wrote in August and were having problems with the cold at that time. I am not Croatian but I live in Croatia – in Karlovac. It’s now November and the dreaded cold period you wrote about is now all but upon us. How are you coping? I understand getting fed up. I have a one-way ticket back to my home country – America. I will be leaving in the middle of the winter – Jan. 6 – and will visit my aging parents in south Florida (ahhh, warmth!) and then may be onto Kaua’i Hawai’i after that (again, warmth!). Along with another objective, I am looking to begin a nonprofit membership organization devoted to voting system change. Kaua’i is an island community that needs to change its voting system – many complaints over the years. Opportunity plus need equals change. A move to a tropical clime doesn’t necessarily utopia make in regard to Raynaud’s (air conditioning in public places, Kaua’i in the upper elevations can be downright frigid any time of the year, and the list goes on…) but if it works out occupationally, the physical relief from such a move could be quite agreeable. I hope this post finds you in a warm space in every way.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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