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    Hi, I’m 30 years old. Was diagnosed with Raynauds and also hyper mobility after years of pain and being fobbed off as growing pains / not wearing enough layers. By the time I was past 25 the growing pains excuse didn’t really stick! Especially as it was getting much worse year on year.

    Last winter 2014/2015 I ended up with frost bite from wearing 2 normal socks, 1 thermal socks and my wellies (not leaking ones) to the yard. I still assumed my doctor was right and I wasn’t wearing enough layers so added in plastic bags to my boots. Still got worse.

    Then in February 2015 I had an op and was two weeks on bed rest. My husband had to see to the horses so Ithought well at least I wont get cold toes!
    WRONG! I was so cold one evening on the sofa, legs up as instructed I asked for a hot water bottle on my feet. My loving husband obliged straight away and fetched my favourite snuggling tigger one. (Yes I’m 30 honest). Well the pain when he put it on my feet was unexplainable (although I’m sure you all know). Still not knowing why I persisted thinking they must be really REALLY cold. I ended up with all my toes heavily blistered. I was crying at him the water bottle had burst or was leaking and in desperation he was search it…to find it was hardly even luke warm at this point (not having got through tiggers thick fluff at this point) least of all burst or leaking boiling water.
    He took me straight to the doctors the next day after dosing me up even higher with the painkillers I’d been given after my op AND for my joins.
    The doctor saw my feet and instantly took me seriously. I was a mess.
    Although I’ve always had cold feet and ears its suddenly become wore in line with my hypermobility damage. I’m currently waiting to see a specalist to look further as I have various other issues minor to these but that impact on my life.
    However no matter how much pain or depressed I get sometimes I firmly believe to take life by the balls and do everything I want to do now so I don’t regret not doing it when I physically can’t anymore.


    Hello Breena
    Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the forum helpful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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