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    There are many times that the only thing we do after exercising is stretching for one or two minutes our arms and legs. Even when we are having a shower after all, we forget about the main reason a shower after exercising should be done and that’s relaxation and recovery. This process should be as a fresh shower that stimulates the body, strengthens the skin and make the body return to the earlier position.

    What we call relaxation or more correctly recovery of the body lasts from 15 to 50 minutes depending on the level of each athlete and aims at restoring the body to the levels before the exercise. This speeds up the removal of lactic acid, which is responsible for the “swallowing” after intense exercise and makes shorter the restoration of functions. Besides that, it helps to restore blood to the heart from the limbs, restoring the functions, to pre-exercise levels.

    At the end of the exercise a relaxed wheel is recommended, about 8′-10 at a slow pace which is about 30% of the maximum intensity and 5 minutes of light stretches. Then a good cool shower contributes to the contraction of the blood vessels, which helps to restore the blood from the limbs to the heart. Restoration is completed with stretches about 20′-30′ in a calm and warm environment, which is preferably at home, and ideally having a massage after all.

    The correct stretching is probably the most important part of all the above to restore the body to balance. Especially if during stretching we emphasize breathing, then we offer our body a sense of mental peace.

    In every exercise it is good to keep for calm for about one minute. Deep breathing should always keep our belly tight. Do not be in a hurry to reach the end and when you get there be careful to move slowly. The body will eventually recede over time and lead you to new edges. Wait for it to feel from within you.

    Do not rush to breach your limits by showing a lack of respect for the body. Always show your body attention, respect and response.

    With regard to nutrition, the goal after exercise for example with a danish bike is to provide enough energy and carbohydrates to restore muscle glycogen and ensure rapid recovery.
    An athlete, even an amateur one, usually exhausts his glycogen stores and requires immediate intake of carbohydrates during the first 30 minutes after exercise. An excellent choice is the consumption of juices and isotonic beverages right after exercise, as they provide us with the required energy, which is lost due to exercise and it offers the right amount of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen.

    Choosing food that is rich in protein is also important, as it provides the necessary amino acids for the reconstruction of muscle tissue. Therefore, a mixed meal at noon or even in the evening, combining carbohydrates and proteins and which is low in fat ensures immediate restoration of the muscular system in such a state that it allows us to recover.

    It turns out that full recovery does not take just two minutes, but it can take a long time after the end of the training. For amateur athletes, 15 to 30 minutes are enough for the body to be able to recover, to re-discovering the lost energy and eliminating the risk of future injuries. Energy is definitely needed in the rest of the day’s activities. Everybody understands that following the proper exercise in a daily routine is the best gift we can give to ourselves. We must not forget though, that recovering from exercise is also important in order to feel all the benefits of our healthy way of life.

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