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    Glad to find this site after searching for a long while.
    My major issue is that cold exposure, besides giving me some of the usual Raynaud’s symptoms, causes a dramatic elevation in my blood pressure. I’ve documented it to show my doctor and he was perplexed because neither of us can find documentation of hypertension related to Raynaud’s. I am taking diltiazem (Ca channel blocker) because it seems to lower the level that my BP will rise to i.e. 180/100 versus 200/110.
    I was diagnosed with HBP about 20 years ago and was given medication but my BP continued to go up and down. One day I wondered whether cold had anything to do with my BP and I started logging my BP readings and then running experiments on myself and found a direct correlation between cold exposure (walking into AC store) and an almost immediate pop up in my BP. I’ve been tested for other autoimmune diseases, all negative.
    I’m wondering if anyone else sees the same reaction to cold.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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