I get Raynauds in my hands every shift at work for several hours.

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    Hello everyone! I am a cashier at a grocery store where it is very cold. My fingers (some or all) turn white and it’s hard to work. I wear a sweatshirt, my uniform shirt, courduroy pants, apron and a zip up hoodie and it doesn’t help, my fingers are white and sore for most of my shift. I work four days a week. Will it hurt to continue to put up with this? I don’t need to work, I just like to.


    Hi Kenna
    I know what your going through. It all depends on how u feel and the level of pain you endure. I use to work 4 days also, with gloves but some days it was just unbearable . I gave up working to concentrate on my health. My advice is to listen to your body if you feel a flare up coming on go to a warm place to heat up your hands. Don’t ignore it and look after your health first. You could always reduce hours.

    Lynn WundermanFrostie

    Hi Kenna, Sorry for your pain…agree with Cris, you have to listen to your body. Raynaud’s tends to be a conditioned response. That means the more you expose yourself to attacks and allow them to occur, the more frequent and severe they can become. But the opposite is also true, the more you learn your triggers and how to protect yourself, it won’t go away, but can get better over time. So the question is whether or not you can find ways to stay warm on the job.

    There are a couple of products in our Marketplace section that can help (https://www.raynauds.org/featured-products/). Check out the HEATJAC Vest, Warm Skin cream, and the G-Tech Heated Pouch. Also you may find fingerless gloves like those from Wristies and Fiber Designs will give you enough dexterity to work while staying warmer. (Wristies have a pocket for a heated warmer).

    Hope one or more of the above options work for you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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