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    My daughter, age 16 was just diagnosed with primary Raynaud’s after experiencing symptoms during the past year and a half. She has swam competitively since age 9, and she had been plagued recently with near-fainting episodes in the pool, steadily declining performance, and finally full blown Raynaud’s manifested as classic white feet last weekend. While we are very fearful that she may not be able to get back to where she was 2 yrs ago, we are at least relieved that there is a concrete answer to her previously vague symptoms. She has had cardiac and endocrine workups which proved to be normal.
    She has been prescribed nifedipine to take before swim meets; it will take some trial and error to see if this makes a difference. We will also be trying to keep her feet and hands warm between races as much as possible, but this will be difficult.
    Anyone out there with a similar situation?


    These are public school pools? The best way to prevent an attack is ambient temperature. Pool water at public schools is very rarely above 70’s. I like to swim in 82 degrees. Invest in battery operated socks/ mittens to keep her warm poolside. They also make heated vests too. Check out some snowmobile or motorcycle outfitter websites.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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